Appendix B

    • Words and expressions used in this Appendix have the following meanings: –


“E-Com Transaction” means any payment transaction made by a wannaPay Holder to the Merchant using wannaPay Account over the Merchant’s Website.

    • The Merchant agrees to:-
      1. comply with wanna’s prevailing standards and requirements for the setting up of the Merchant’s Website including security requirements set out in PCIDSS and for E-Com Transactions;
      2. set-up, maintain, upgrade and ensure the security and integrity of the Merchant’s computer system and software necessary to carry out E-Com Transactions at its own cost and expenses;
      3. keep all wannaPay Holders’ data, wannaPay Accounts data, and transactions data (whether physical or electronic) in a secure manner meeting at least the standards prescribed by the PCI-DSS. Once the Merchant becomes aware that any such information or transaction data is lost, stolen, tampered or otherwise compromised, the Merchant shall immediately notify wanna of this in writing;
      4. inform wanna before it upgrades or changes the version or type of its software and/or hardware or any other part of its system used to carry out E-Com Transactions and if required by wanna, to conduct testing with wanna to ensure compatibility with wanna’s system before actual implementation. If E-Com Transactions cannot be carried out or if there are errors in the transactions arising from upgrades or changes made by the Merchant, any resulting loss and damage suffered shall be borne solely by the Merchant. wanna will not be responsible for such loss and/or damage;
      5. accept sole responsibility for all claims, liabilities, loss or damage suffered by any party due to any breach or compromise of the security or integrity, or malfunction, of any encryption and identification software, any electronic code keys, any equipment or the Merchant’s system, unless it is caused by wanna;
      6. allow wanna to enter any of the Merchant’s premises with prior written notice to the Merchant to inspect the Merchant’s software, hardware and/or any other part of its system to check whether the setting-up, operation, maintenance, security and integrity thereof complies with PCI-DSS;
      7. once the Merchant becomes aware of any attempted or actual security breach or use of fraudulent wannaPay account numbers, the Merchant shall immediately notify wanna of this in writing;
      8. ensure that all representations and advertisements published on the Merchant’s Website are truthful and accurate and to be solely responsible for them;
      9. provide a full description of the Merchant’s goods and/or services available on the Merchant’s Website including a description of any guarantee and/or warranties granted by the supplier and/or manufacturer for such goods and/or services;
      10. list accurately on the Merchant’s Website the cost of the goods and/or services and the delivery and shipping charges in Malaysia Ringgit and the equivalent in such other foreign currency or currencies;
      11. not use unethical sales tactics or sharp practices such as advertising goods and/or services for sale at prices which it does not intend to honour; and
      12. only advertise goods and/or services where the Merchant is lawfully allowed to sell the same.


    • The Merchant must accept without discrimination, wannaPay that are properly authenticated as a means of payment for electronic commerce transactions.


  • The Merchant must comply with all reasonable security measures which are standard industry practice whether or not prescribed by wanna when accepting wannaPay for payment of any E-Com Transaction. The Merchant must try their best to make sure that their E-Com Transactions are valid and lawful.


  • The Merchant must get wanna’s prior approval and authorization for each and every E-Com Transaction. The Merchant is only allowed to complete a transaction after the Merchant has received approval from wanna. The Merchant however agrees and understands the approval and/or authorization from wanna does not guarantee the payment of that transaction by wanna.


  • The Merchant must comply with wanna’s instructions in response to the Merchant’s request for payment in connection with any E-Com Transaction carried out pursuant to the Payment Instructions.


  • All E-Com Transactions must be in Malaysian Ringgit (RM) unless the Merchant requests in writing that wanna accepts E-Com Transactions in some other currency and wanna at its sole discretion approves such request in writing.


  • The Merchant must at all times comply with wanna’s prescribed procedures for the authorisation of a transaction and authentication of the wannaPay Holder and the wannaPay Account, including but not limited to complying with the internet secure sockets layer encryption (SSL) and the three domains secure protocol (3D) authentication programme adopted by the Card Companies. If requested by wanna, the Merchant must provide wanna with full details of its e-commerce system including but not limited to the Merchant’s web hosting provider, shopping cart system, SSL provider and expiration date of SSL certificate. wanna will not be liable or responsible in any way to the Merchant and/or the wannaPay Holder if the authorisation and authentication are not performed or is compromised.


    • Upon completion of an E-Com Transaction, the Merchant must provide the wannaPay Holder with a transaction receipt either through a separate email message, in-app notification, or send a physical receipt by post.
    • The transaction receipt must include the following:-
      1. Transaction amount;
      2. Transaction currency;
      3. Transaction date;
      4. Transaction identification number;
      5. Merchant’s name;
      6. Authorization code;
      7. Description of goods and/or services purchased.


    • The Merchant must deliver the records of E-Com Transactions to wanna for payment within three (3) Business Days from the date of the transaction. wanna will pay the Merchant monies due for the properly authorized E-Com Transactions after deducting the Merchant Discount Rate and all other fees and charges, unless:-
      1. wanna has received notice to withhold payment or exercised its discretion to withhold payment; or
      2. the Merchant has breached any of its obligations.


  • If wanna has reasonable grounds to believe any E-Com Transaction is irregular (whether by fraud or otherwise or the transaction violate laws or rules of any governmental agency, or if wanna receives a written statement from the wannaPay Holder denying the transaction) (“Irregular ECom Transaction”) such Irregular E-Com Transaction shall be invalid.


  • Without prejudice to Clause 5.4 above, if wanna is the issuer of the wannaPay Account for the Irregular E-Com Transaction, wanna may withhold payment up to six (6) months from the date of submission of the Irregular ECom Transaction (“Initial Withholding Period”) for investigation. If wanna finds out that the Irregular E-Com Transaction is actually legitimate, wanna shall make payment for it free of interest. If wanna cannot complete its investigations during the Initial Withholding Period, wanna may lodge a police report against the Merchant and continue to withhold payment until wanna receives the complete police investigation report. If based on the findings of the police, wanna is satisfied that the Irregular ECom Transaction is legitimate, wanna shall make payment for it free of interest.


    • This Appendix B is to be read together with wanna’s Merchant Services Terms and Conditions. Where there is inconsistency, Appendix B shall override the Merchant Services Terms and Conditions, in so far as it relates to the E-Com Transaction.



Version : V1.001