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Our Story

WANNAPAY SDN. BHD. (formerly known as SCANPAY SDN. BHD.) started from a humble beginning in Johor in 2017 and was poised to serve the unserved and under-served segments for the eWallet in Johor. Being the only Johor-centric eWallet player, that was no easy feat. ScanPay’s vision is to provide an alternatives to cash; a trend that we know will spark off the E-wallets boom in the coming years. 2019 marks a significant milestone for the myScanPay app, ScanPay is has finally been granted the license by Bank Negara Malaysia as a non-bank e-money issuer and is set to launch the eWallet in June 2020.


Whist all the preparation for the launch and the pandemic are happening at the same time, Revenue Group Berhad, who is not stranger in the payment solutions space in Malaysia saw the long-term opportunities in  E-Wallets and what ScanPay Sdn Bhd can offer. That notion was fast becoming a reality when Revenue Group set out to acquire 80% of ScanPay Sdn Bhd, making it their first step into the e-Wallet payments scene, and as a result, wannaPay Sdn Bhd is born.


Fast forward to 2021, wannaPay’s vision also aligns with Malaysia’s vision of transitioning the country into a cashless society. With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Malaysia’s cashless adoption process has sped up significantly. The Malaysian government has provided numerous economic stimulus packages to anchor contactless payment, accelerating the nation’s digitalization journey and mitigating the risk of disease transmission through online technology. This will chart our country’s journey in the eWallet realms and wannaPay Sdn Bhd has a big role to play.