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is a Lifestyle Mobile App

wanna allows you to list your products and services regardless of what you’re selling or whether you’re an aggregator (platform)

Complete Ecosystem

Digital marketplace, where users can buy and sell items within the ecosystem of the application. Seamless checkout & secure payment methods powered by revPAY!

Pay with Total Peace of Mind

wanna? ensure high-security features for the users by considering that you authorize every transaction by password authentication and multilayered security features. Furthermore, while paying with an e-wallet, you not need to disclose your debit/credit card details to anyone, online or offline.

Wide Range
Product & Services

Sellers are mostly established brands and companies from retail, food & beverages to bill
payment and top up

A lifestyle mobile app that does it all for you, a mobile app makes life easier!

wanna is a lifestyle app designed to offer many services to bring convenience into your everyday life. wanna’s offerings span from allowing its users to make payments (send, receive, and spend money with ease), choose an affordable insurance scheme pr even purchase duty-free products. All these while earning wannaRewards points and use them to redeem awesome deals​.

Consumer Benifit

Imagine being able to do it all on your cell phone.
Pay for dinner, shopping and even money transfer to your loved ones.

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Safe & Secure

Without the physical handling of cash, there will be no loss, theft or misplaced cash issues. Each transaction is carried out securely using a secured mobile application.

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Our Story

WANNAPAY SDN. BHD. (formerly known as SCANPAY SDN. BHD.) started from a humble beginning in Johor in 2017 and was poised to serve the unserved and under-served segments for the eWallet in Johor. Being the only Johor-centric eWallet player, that was no easy feat. ScanPay’s vision is to provide an alternatives to cash; a trend that we know will spark off the E-wallets boom in the coming years. 2019 marks a significant milestone for the myScanPay app, ScanPay is has finally been granted the license by Bank Negara Malaysia as a non-bank e-money issuer and is set to launch the eWallet in June 2020.


Whist all the preparation for the launch and the pandemic are happening at the same time, Revenue Group Berhad, who is not stranger in the payment solutions space in Malaysia saw the long-term opportunities in  E-Wallets and what ScanPay Sdn Bhd can offer. That notion was fast becoming a reality when Revenue Group set out to acquire 80% of ScanPay Sdn Bhd, making it their first step into the e-Wallet payments scene, and as a result, wannaPay Sdn Bhd is born.


Fast forward to 2021, wannaPay’s vision also aligns with Malaysia’s vision of transitioning the country into a cashless society. With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Malaysia’s cashless adoption process has sped up significantly. The Malaysian government has provided numerous economic stimulus packages to anchor contactless payment, accelerating the nation’s digitalization journey and mitigating the risk of disease transmission through online technology. This will chart our country’s journey in the eWallet realms and wannaPay Sdn Bhd has a big role to play. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Need some help or got a burning question that you need answered ASAP? Just click on one of the sections below to find the answer…

If you accidently transfer money to the wrong beneficiary or wrong amount, we are not able to make any adjustment because this transaction is deemed as valid. We suggest you to make own arrangement with the receiver or wrong receiver.

Please kindly check your transaction history. If problem still persists, kindly reach out to our Customer Service Hotline @ +60 3-9212 3388, and our customer experience team may pick up from there!

Make sure your terminal battery is above 30%, try to restart the terminal. If problem still persists, please reach out to our Customer Service Hotline@+60 3-9212 3388, and our customer experience team may pick up from there!

Kindly call our Merchant Helpdesk @ +60 3-9212 3388, and our team may pick up from there!

If you are a Basic Wallet user, you will be required to Log in with OTP and PIN. However, if you are a Premium Wallet user, you will be required to key in OTP, PIN, and submit eKYC for confirmation.

You may find the function of resetting your PIN under user profile.

You may find the function of resetting your PIN under user profile.

Kindly ensure that your card is still active and your card information is correctly entered.

The maximum top up amount are as below:

(a) Basic Wallet : RM200

(b) Premium Wallet : RM1500

Please note that you are not allowed to cancel once requests had been made. Request transaction is only valid for 24 hours before it is expired.